The Britannia Q Line 90cm range cooker in gloss black has an elegant and sophisticated appearance and an impressive range of exceptional features which function at a high performance. This gorgeous single oven range cooker has enough cooking potential to rival restaurant quality standards in your very own home. This A-rated range cooker comes with a storage compartment as standard, creating a high quality feel and makes the Q line a joy to cook with. 




A Huge Capacity 


The Britannia Q Line 90 has a very generous capacity of 103 litres and has 9 cooking functions giving you plenty of options to cook any meal perfectly for your friends and family. Some of these cooking functions include a defrost setting, a grill setting, base heat and a pizza function. Underneath the main oven cavity is a huge soft close storage drawer with more than enough space to keep any of your cookware and other ingredients that you may need close by. 

On top, you will find a six-burner gas hob with a powerful 5kW wok burner which is absolutely perfect for large pans and oriental cooking. This hob is perfect for cooking many elements of a dish as there is more than enough room for all of your pots and pans. The hob also features a flame failure devices to shut off the gas supply should the flame go out. 


Fabulous Features 


The Britannia Q Line 90cm range cooker has a removable oven door and inner glass panel, removable enamelled roof trays and a single piece pressed hob. All of these fabulous features allow you to clean the appliance with easy and able to reach those hard to reach places. 

There is a storage drawer with more than enough room to keep all of your pots and pans where you will need them most. There are height adjustable legs which will help you place your new range cooker perfectly in line with the rest of your countertops. You are able to use one hand ignition to help you multitask in the kitchen with ease. 


A Energy Efficiency  


By choosing this spectacular range cooker for your home, you will be efficiently cooking delicious meals as well as reducing your energy bills as this incredible range cooker by Britannia has an energy rating of A.